Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I wasn't aware of #GNOMEVEMBER until Nov 1 of this year. I saw Becky Cloonan retweeting a few other artists 'day 1' pieces of drawing a Gnome themed piece of artwork each day for the whole month. I was instantly hooked.

Caring for my Mom while also picking up the slack as Julia's ankle recovers from surgery made this a possible project- no long, over arching ideas or stories to tell, just a separate image every day. No consistency. Something I could pick up and set down as I was needed elsewhere in the house.

I decided to go the route of the Rien Poortvliet style Gnome from his Gnomes book with Wil Huygen (which the cartoon 'David the Gnome' was based on) but, hopefully adding in my own details and voice as an artist. Here are the finished 30 days of #GNOMEVEMBER!

Day 1: A Smoking Gnome

Day 2: A Garden Gnome

Day 3: A Lantern Gnome

Day 4: Resting with a Cardinal

Day 5: Gnome on the run

Day 6: Gnome Bowling

Day 7: A Young Lady Gnome

Day 8: Inspecting Spider Web

Day 9: Elder Gnome with Death's Head Moth

Day 10: Ceremonial Dance

Day 11: Siberian Gnome

Day 12: Playing the Lute

Day 13: Shingling the house

Day 14: A Woodcutter Gnome

Day 15: A Cook Gnome

Day 16: Dance!

Day 17: Hiding in the Berries

Day 18: Knight Gnome

Day 19: Oaken Staff Gnome

Day 20: A sprig of pine and a spot of tea

Day 21: Engagement
Days 22 & 24: King & Queen

Day 23: A Gnome & Her Marionette

Day 25: Spring Rabbit Dance

Day 26: Starting a Window

Day 27: Blue Jay Sleigh -or- Quite the Bird-en

Day 28: A Young (for a gnome) Gnome Artist

Day 29: Baby Gnome & Friend

Day 30: The End.

Some of these original pieces are still available for sale in my online store: http://mouseguard.bigcartel.com

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dragons Revisit Part 2

For the fifth episode of THE PLOTMASTERS PROJECT, Jesse Glenn & I revisited an old project of ours from 1995 called "DRAGONS". Well...we called it "DRAGONS" But that was a placeholder name at the time. Recently I redubbed it The "Last of the Dragons" -or- "The Last Five of the Dragons"...AND this project demanded a 2 part episode. Part 2 deals with the actual Dragons. (Feel free to go watch the episodes before reading further -or- reference the blogpost about my art from part 1)

Blisque the White Dragon ridden by Gwen is a snow/mountain dragon with frost breath.
I was inspired by another artist's interpretation of a Chinese dragon with fur for my Plotmasters revisit of Blisque.

Cerulean the Blue dragon ridden by Nigel is a water/aquatic dragon that breathes lightning.
I didn't feel like I could improve on Jesse's original head-shape for him drawn back in 1995, so I just focused on body proportion and the decision to not have any legs or hands.

Loden the Green Dragon ridden by Pierce is a forest dragon who breathes poison gas.
He's a strong brute who is completely land-based and cannot fly.
I looked at photo reference of Alligators and Crocodiles for my revisit/

Roan the red dragon ridden by Felix is a volcanic/lava dragon who breathes fire.
He's nimble, agile, and cocky.
Roan was my biggest departure from the original version(s) and I was trying to keep him different looking as a species and very spry.

Sable the Black Dragon ridden by Cornelius and spits corrosive acid.
She is armored with rocky scales and is nearly impervious.
Sable was my most traditional dragon in terms of proportions and style.

To synch up with the extra piece I did for the Dragons episode 1 villain, I added a villainous dragon for this episode: A Dracolitch. 
The name Aurum means 'gold' so I assume in life Aurum was a gold dragon.

You can watch the second DRAGONS episode of 
The Plotmasters Project on YouTube:

And follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Re-Run: Puppet Collaboration with Puppet Forge

With ten years of blogposts, I will continue to Re-Run past posts for the new fans or folks who may have missed a post the first time around.

Part of the reasoning is also that for various reasons (The health of my Mother, convention travel, behind on deadlines, and projects I'm not able to share yet) I see the need to revisit an old post once a month or so.
You can also go back and see any past posts using the Blog index: http://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-index.html)
This week:
Collaboration with The Puppet Forge:

The Folks at The Puppet Forge wanted to collaborate with me to design a new creature puppet. I drew concepts, and they build a limited number of the hog-man: https://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/2015/06/puppet-forge-petersen-collaboration.html

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